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Several hundred former Boy Scouts are at risk of losing out on millions of dollars in sex abuse compensation due to paperwork errors made when voting on the organization’s $2.46 billion bankruptcy settlement.

On one level, the story of Ron Hunter – Ronnie in his teenage years – is just a grain of sand in a vast mountain of abuse. Now aged 63, he is one of more than 80,000 men who have made bankruptcy claims against the Boy Scouts of America on grounds they were violated by troop leaders in incidents spanning decades. It is the largest case of child sexual abuse involving a single organization in US history. Amid that epic mass of suffering, Hunter stands out. Not just because of the severity of the abuse that he endured, or...

A Sunset man is suing the Boy Scouts of America and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, alleging sexual abuse by staff members. “I told myself, just hold these cards to your chest one day," said Van Medeiros. "One day, maybe you’ll be able to put them on the table."

The former youth protection director for the Boy Scouts of America said Tuesday the organization is not doing enough to protect children from sexual abuse and is still trying to maintain a veil of secrecy over decades of past abuse. In a speech at the National Press Club, Michael Johnson urged Congress to investigate the BSA’s efforts to cover-up decades of past abuse, as well as the dangers he said the organization still poses to children. “The Boy Scouts of America is not safe for kids. It is safer, but it is not safe for kids,” he said.

Walter Denton wanted to grow up to be just like Father Tony Apuron, until the night he says the parish priest raped him in a church rectory. The pastor sent the sobbing 13-year-old altar boy away with a warning: “If you say anything to anybody, no one will believe you.” Denton told his mother, but says she accused him of making it up. He told another priest, but that man did nothing and later turned out to be an abuser himself. And Denton watched helplessly as Pope John Paul II named his alleged rapist Archbishop of Agaña, the voice...

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