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“We want church officials in Peoria to publicize these names,” St. Louis resident David Clohessy, a representative of SNAP

“Two Tarrant County men are suing the Catholic Diocese of Dallas and the Houston-based Sisters of Charity of the Houston. Verb incarnate of sexual abuse they say they suffered as children in the 1960s in an Oak Cliff orphanage.” READ FULL ARTICLE HERE…  2 men sue the Catholic Diocese of Dallas for sexual abuse of children in the orphanage

Guam’s ex-archbishop shielded culture of clergy sex abuse

Date Shared: December 14th, 2023
Date Released: August 8th, 2019
Walter Denton wanted to grow up to be just like Father Tony Apuron, until the night he says the parish priest raped him in a church rectory. The pastor sent the sobbing 13-year-old altar boy away with a warning: “If you say anything to anybody, no one will believe you.” Denton told his mother, but says she accused him of making it up. He told another priest, but that man did nothing and later turned out to be an abuser himself. And Denton watched helplessly as Pope John Paul II named his alleged rapist Archbishop of Agaña, the voice...

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